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A New Home

Dear The Internet,

2017 rocks. Today is the day I finally launch Saucer Dynamics, a digital platform for my passions and preoccupations.  I wanted to create a domain to host my creative works, to interact with people, and to continuously update and share all the cool things I come across.

This page is your #1 stopshop for pictures stories, show dates, and everything else I’m doin. I’m also going to put some bits of music, art, and other freebies here to keep things interesting. I’m also launching a sister page on Facebook for Saucer music tonight; it’s basically going to be a paired down version of this blog with notices for all important releases, announcements, projects, and show dates, follow Saucer on Facebook.

Stay frosty for new art and music posts along with some stories about where the hell I’ve been for the past year. I’m also going to share things I learn about DAW’s, plugins, and everything else technical audio. I’m hoping either it will be educational, or someone with real skills will take pity on me and send some tips my way. Hint hint hinnnnt. I have a pretty big back catalog of orphaned tracks, project files, and jams with various people. I’ll try to post something old up if I haven’t done anything new in a week. Not having to share my terrible older projects should be a good incentive to keep doing new stuff.

I need to give unlimited props to Carrie Gates. You helped me put this site together, helped me troubleshoot and create the content, you fielded an endless stream of technical questions and essentially taught me all about how The Internet works. Most of all, you supported me nonstop with this project, and my art in general and helped me realize a this dream. Thanks to all my other friends/fam/fans/people who tolerate me. Thanks to everyone who has booked me for shows in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and elsewhere, and thanks especially to anyone who is still reading this. Good looking out. <3 <4 <5.



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