Deep Vibes and Dirty Breaks 2017


I’m booked for my first show of the fall after a pretty chill summer, the fifth instalment of Mason Cole’s Deep Vibes & Dirty Breaks (Saturday, Nov. 18). It’s at The Burning Beard, which is a pretty great new venue on Broadway (cozy yet spacious). The lineup is dope, too:

BOGMAN: AKA Kent Olafson. A recent friend of mine from the Winnipeg scene. He’s hilarious and fun person and I’m just hearing his music now. Serious jungle acumen with tight juke and dub vibes.

SUBMIT: Nathan’s from Regina and we’ve been friends, played shows together, and shared some great times over the past few years. His selection as a DJ is, in my opinion, among the freshest around. He also makes really infectious original dance music productions, which I can’t wait to see more of.

MICHELLE C.: I had good fortune of becoming friends with Michelle this spring and we’ve crossed paths a lot since. We partied together at Motion Notion this summer, where she played a wicked energetic set that basically destroyed the place. She also puts on a killer DnB night in Saskatoon called Vision.

JEFF PRANKEV: AKA Dyslexic. Huge staple of the Saskatchewan electronic scene. I’ve raved to a lot of his techno sets, which really stand out at parties.

VJ CARRIE GATES: Small town hick who’s made global tracks. The girl next door, if the next door is a beautiful portal to a net art dimension of rapidly evolving technicolour edges and vertices. Rave Royalty.

See y’all soon.

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