January Update: GIVE ME SAMPLES!

Hey internet. This is a much needed update, since I realize it’s been a while…

I’m still kickin it, lots of things are in the works. I’m discovering some great new music making tools I want to share with you, I have a couple of video projects in mind, and of course I’m continuing to work on tracks. I’m trying to see a group of songs started mostly in 2017 to completion. I’ll share a track or two soon.

One thing I’d like to ask basically anyone who reads this site is to consider forwarding me audio samples to use in my music. It’s fun and lets you be part of something cool or terrible that I create with minimal effort. Ideally, samples can be recorded yourself (don’t worry too much about quality, laptop or phone mics can work fine in a quiet environment). I can also use little pieces of other film or music, provided it’s outside the sphere of electronic music and has some artistic/aesthetic merit.

All the best.

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