DJ, Performer

I love to entertain. Check out my list of performances for some background. I have a diverse sound and mostly play my own original productions. Contact me for booking.

Production, Sound Design

I spend a lot of time creating music. It calms me down and makes everything fit into place and also drives me insane.

I’m available for hire to get your project off the ground, and may be into more permanent collaborations when the time is right. I’m also very interested in working on sound design for special multimedia projects and games.

Get at me with your ideas!

Graphic Design

I have experience creating posters, logos, social media graphics, and hand drawn portraits. Check out the gallery to see my work.

Audiovisual Installation

I’m good at plugging things into other things. From the most mundane to the never-been-done-before, I can help. Hire me to assist you with your event, studio setup, or special project.


I’ve been offering private tutoring to individuals and small groups since 2012. I offer support for physics and chemistry at the high school and first/second year university level, and probably any lab section you are in.

Chemistry, Physical Science, Lab Work

I can make your academic or industry lab run like clockwork. Check out my LinkedIn profile for information on my background in chemical research.

I’m always excited to hear about your hobbyist projects as well.

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