So, you may be wondering about the great wizardry behind this fabulous website.

This website was originally created in August of 2017 by Carrie Gates for me as a surprise birthday present. She’s a wicked web designer and developer, so if you ever need a website made (or a logo or brochure or press kit, etc.) do get in contact with her at She really likes working with artists, musicians, academics, and small businesses. I’m really happy that she made this website for me and am eternally grateful to her for helping me get this thing started.

Since she made this site for me, she has taught me about hosting, SEO, image editing, writing for the web, web design, and all sorts of other technical stuff that is inspiring me to learn more and more every day. I’ve edited a lot of the elements on the website since she handed over the keys and it has been really exciting seeing how I can tweak everything to suit my vision for how I want to present my work online. Whenever I have a new idea for how I want to change the design of the site, she’s right there to help answer all of my questions and keep me inspired and focused.

Thank you Carrie 🙂