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VCV Rack: The Ultimate Modular Softsynth Environment

I’ve been playing with a new program called Rack by indie developer Andrew Belt. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you are going to be excited. Rack is only a few months old and is gearing up to the release of v1.0 with even more features.

there is absolutely no reason to hold off on checking this software out.

Here are some reasons Rack kicks ass:

The Cost.

Which is zero. Open-source, and completely created and distributed out of love, with more modules created every day. Once you set up an account with an email, the software updates your plugins with a single click of a button.

The system requirements.

The core software weighs in at something like 5MB, and all the downloadable plugins are tiny too. It’s already at the point of running super stable on both my OSX and Windows 7 machine, and probably any other, and it’s still in Beta.

The Utility.

Rack can take the place of a lot of other audio utilities, particularly with onboard routing between channels on an external soundcard, on top of the sick amount of modular patchbay fun offered by the huge variety of free plugins produced every day by it’s huge community. There’s no integrated sequencer, but that doesn’t stop you from being able to bounce down what you create and chop at will in another DAW. Better yet, there promised “bridge” functionality for using rack as an external VST or AU in other DAWs, which will be an enormous game changer for me. Rack is useful for anyone interested in sound at any skill level.

The simplicity.

It runs like a modular setup, with variable tension/opacity cables to route things visually. It’s reminiscent of Propellerhead Reason, albeit with a more simple visual design, not to mention the ability to connect more than one cable to a port without that merger/splitter nonsense.

The Fun.

I’m not sure whether it’s the minimalist aesthetic, the ease of setup and use, or the fervent excitement of the community for creating new modules, but Rack inspires me. It’s helped me take that crucial first step of opening some software and starting to fool around. Rack will get your creative juices (eww..) flowing in an increasingly daunting “too many options” situation that music producers face.

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